Friday, August 03, 2007

Never thought this day would come

George had his first "real" haircut yesterday. And check out this cool photo that Emma got of the process!
I hope it looks as good on your screen as it does on mine, the colors are so fun and I just love the blur of the stylist's hands! And let me tell you, she was moving FAST!! George is eating an M & M in this picture, not gasping in fear, they were a great distraction. He really didn't seem to mind her at all (though the clippers were not a hit, and had to be put away), but he got bored with sitting in one place. But she was great, everytime he moved, she moved, and after about 10 minutes, he was done and looking far more handsome than my sad attempts at haircutting ever made him.

We're starting to look for a Big Boy Bed, too. Sigh. When did my babies stop being babies??? I must have missed that point!


loonyhiker said...

Emma's developing into a great photographer. Never underestimate the power of m&ms!!

scrapgeek said...

Super photo - he looks so chilled out by the whole thing. Bribery is always good :)

Anonymous said...

What a photo!!

You MUST use this as an inspiration to for a layout for all of us at some point!!

Liam hates the clippers as well and usually sits nice for hair cuts but this last one . . . gees, I might as well have done it!! And don't even look at Katie's bangs!!

I think I'm going to have to try some m&m bribes to get them cute hair cuts again!!

LOVE the photo Meg . . . he's adorable and Emma captured him perfectly!

Elizabeth McCoy said...

incredible photo...what a talented photographer you have!!!

and of course beautiful subject matter!!!

Pam said...

Yay Emma! Great photo! George did good too, even with M&Ms help! I remember holding Alex down on my lap with him screaming as the hairdresser tried not to take his ears off!!!