Friday, March 30, 2007


So this blog is titled "The Pages of Our Crazy Life", right? Yeah, it's definitely crazy right now. It's amazing (okay, maybe not amazing, but certainly overwhelming) how much goes into clearing a house of over 50 years worth of belongings and fixing it up to the point that it's safe for two energetic children.
For those of you that haven't seen the house, here's a pic:
So far we've basically cleared all of the main living area (the upper floor), demo-ed a downstairs bathroom and replaced old pipes, thrown away a LOT of junk from the basement and created a storage area there for all the stuff from upstairs that has to be sorted, and met with a fencing company about fencing the upper yard. And by "we", I have to admit that I mean everyone other than me. Although I've helped when I could, unfortunately Spring Break came at a very awkward time this year and I rarely get over to the house for more than an hour at a time.

This weekend, we get to start more of the fun stuff: painting the downstairs bathroom so the plumber can come back and hook everything back up, sheet rocking and painting the master bedroom, and ripping up nasty old carpets and checking the condition of the hardwood floors underneath. Hopefully, we'll be able to have our furniture delivered the week after next. We're all anxious to get in there!

Don't believe me about all the junk in the basement? Check out this "Before" picture!

And actually, we had already removed several big pieces of furniture and done some cleaning before this picture was taken! I'll get some good photos next week to show the changes, it's getting exciting!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello? Is this thing on?

Yeah, well, it's been a bit chaotic around here, so I'll try to catch everyone up with a photo-filled update.

The trip. It was long. Actually it only took us 4 1/2 days, but let me tell you... Nebraska? Longest state EVER!! Not necessarily in miles, but in minutes of pure boredom. We crossed from Lincoln, Nebraska all the way to the furthest west town in Wyoming (Evanston) in one day. One long day. But overall, the trip was good. The weather was amazing, nothing but sun. Thank you for all well-wishes from the last post! We had goofy moments. Many of them. That's what happens when you don't see your spouse for two months and then spend five days together non-stop!
When we got home, we received the not-so-good news that Jason did not receive the recruiting job he was after, although he could take a different job. So we cried a bit and worried a bit.

And the next day? We realized that everything we have done over the last couple of months and all the opportunities that have presented themselves all point to the fact that we should concentrate on staying in my home town. So we are. Jason went out and got a job (YAY!), we're fixing up my grandparents' old house, and the kids get to stay in their great schools!!!

We are firm believers in the idea that everything happens for a reason, and this just feels right. Jason may still enter the National Guard or Reserves just to keep his Federal status active for retirement benefits. But we're also waiting to hear about a different possible job that would maintain that status and pay more than his current one does. We're really excited about what these changes may bring!

We got back last Wednesday, which meant we were in plenty of time to celebrate Emma's sixth birthday. What a beauty she is, and such a character! For those of you that spoke with her on her birthday and were regaled with the story of her being banished to the living room for two hours, let me explain. Long ago I started the misguided tradition of creating custom cakes for her. Nothing fancy, but cut into shapes with some basic frosting decoration. This year she requested a horse. Yikes! Thus, the banishment while I created!

It may not be the most attractive horse cake ever made, but heck, she knew what it was when we presented it to her! And it tasted darn good!

Last weekend, she went to the birthday party of a classmate and had her first roller-skating experience. She loved it! And by the end of the party, she was helping me pick her friends up off the floor! (Yes, I skated too, for the first time in who knows how long. What fun!)

I don't have much news in regards to George, other than he looked to be about a foot taller when he came running out to meet us last week! He's learning about a word a day and is WAY into Thomas trains. And he's on Spring Break starting tomorrow.... for the next two weeks. Oh boy. Keep that good weather coming!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

To the gods of good weather

PLEASE be nice to us!!!!

Tomorrow I fly back to Virginia where I'll meet up with Jason, Gracie, and a trailer full of cleaning supplies (and my computer, yay!). Saturday morning we turn around and start driving back to Oregon. So, of course, the weather all over America is lousy. We have chains, jumper cables, blankets, coats, a cooler, and a LOT of CD's.

In a way, this will be a nice vacation. Just us, road trippin'. In another way, not so much. Not only is the weather bad, but next Friday is Emma's 6th birthday. She would be crushed if we're not back in time. Of course, I've overcompensated for that possibility by buying just about every pink item sold in Toys R Us. But we have a full week. I've got to believe that's enough time.

Just to catch you all up on life, since I've been so silent here lately:

Jason still hasn't heard back from the National Guard, so we don't know yet where we'll be stationed (or, in fact, if he's been hired at all...though everyone we've talked to has given us the impression that he has.) So, every ring of the phone makes us jump.

It wouldn't be so bad to not know except that, for the first time in our military life, we are really set on where we want to live. The kids are doing so well in the schools here, and there are so many wonderful resources for George, that we are so hoping we don't have to uproot them again. I know, we're completely jinxing ourselves, but we do hope.

Emma's class is fabulous, I went on a field trip with them to they YMCA last week. I have never been around so many well-behaved, happy, polite five year olds, ever! They were adorable and the whole day was really fun.

George seems to love his class and goes in with excitement every day. His vocabulary has expanded amazingly and he's eating with utencils and behaving better and better every day. So much to be thankful for there.

I've expanded my role at Digital Scrapbook Place. In addition to the teaching, I'm now a moderator, which allows me to run challenges and contests, and offer prizes. More responsibility and a lot of fun!

Okay, I think that's us in a nutshell. Help me pray for good weather, and if you live along I-80 somewhere, wave at us as we go by!! See you in a week!