Friday, September 28, 2007

More info

Yes, the pound is well aware of what has happened. They have shut down the cattery and it's under quarantine. They are also paying our vet bills and have been in direct communication with our vet and others about this.

As Tink mentioned, no, I probably shouldn't have gone back to that pound for the second cat. That's one of those Mommy-guilt moments that will probably be with me for a long, long time. But, at the time, we thought it was an issue with the first litter. The second Wendy was so different in temperament, we just didn't see this coming. Our vet has told us to come to her when we're ready for the next cat (not for a while, trust me), she will help us find one that has had all it's shots and is as healthy as can be verified.

It's all being handled as well as something like this can be. We are grateful to our vet and the pound supervisor for their quick assistance and sympathy. And for your sympathy, as well. This week has sucked. But we have lots of activities planned for this afternoon and tomorrow as distraction. (More Transformers action, of course!)


I love roller coasters. My favorites have lots of spirals and loops, and you've got to love the slow ascent to the highest drop. Then having to hold your stomach in as you make that drop. Fabulous!

Today, though, I'd like to get off this ride I seem to be stuck on. Took Wendy II to the vet for deworming medicine yesterday. Ended up leaving her there because she was running a fever. Today, she's gone. Seems there was an outbreak of distemper at the pound, and our two were the ones that alerted the authorities to it.

Emma doesn't know yet, and frankly, has seemed very detached about the fact that she spent the night at the vet's last night. Perhaps she already knows in her heart.

Earlier this week, I thought I had experienced one of the hardest tasks a parent should ever have to do. I was wrong. Doing it a second time is much harder.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How much do you love...

BUBBLE WRAP? My brother isn't the only one who can find and post silly internet time wasters.

Have fun.

Purr-fectly Playful

Journaling taken from today's earlier post. And yes, Dave, that picture did look a lot like Fireball. But she's darker. And she doesn't swipe at your ankles every time you walk by. Imagine that!

Grandma is pretty happy to see an orange cat in this house again, too. For non-family members, if you remember, we have moved into my grandparents' old home. And they had a wonderful orange cat for years and years. When he died, another orange cat that looked just like him spent several days on the property. Laying in all the spots Morris loved to lay, staring up at the house, acting just like he had. Kitty friend or kitty ghost? You make the call.

She's ORANGE...with claws!!

I guess Emma knew best after all!

I walked into the pound yesterday to see what they had, and there was a gorgeous orange kitten looking at me!!! About 2 weeks older than the first Wendy and oh my gosh rambunctious!!! Many more pictures to follow, but let me tell you, she's a very typical kitty...always into something. She had ventured into the basement within the first 5 minutes of bringing her home. She helped me with the dishes by climbing into the dishwasher to lick them. She is a blur of speed when running away from the dog. She plays constantly! Lots of fun!

Interesting also, I found out that the sister to our first kitty also died, so the whole litter must have been exposed to something before the pound got them. So sad, but it somehow makes me feel better about ours, you always wonder if you could have done more.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Physical Therapy is GOOD

Personally, I prefer Retail Therapy. But the emergency vet bill currently residing on my Discover Card suggests that physical therapy is better for us right now. OUCH!! But if it has to be physical, it might as well be as fun as all this:There's nothing that a good wrestle session can't make better.

The day went well. Kids are amazingly resilient. More so than tired adults. I'm off to bed.

Nature is cruel

Emma's little kitty died last night. Emma didn't know until this morning. Jason and I woke her up, before George got up, to tell her together and cuddle. And I let her skip school today, letting her do whatever she wants. Jason and I were totally destroyed last night. Not so much about the cat, we hadn't really bonded with it yet, but for Emma. She worked so hard and was totally head over heels in love. We're not sure what happened, Wendy was fine Saturday, and then yesterday went downhill fast and the emergency vet couldn't save her.

I don't think I slept at all last night, I was so dreading this morning.

Emma handled it fairly well. She, of course, broke down for a bit and sobbed. Didn't believe us at first when we told her Wendy had died. After the initial break down, it's kind of gone in waves. She'll be totally fine, being a goof, and then I'll find her in her room crying. I'm really glad we decided to keep her home today so she can work through this.

I emailed her teacher and last year's teacher to let them know why she wasn't in today. They've both been very excited about the kitty, so I wanted to let them know that she'll be tender tomorrow. It just kills me that her first real experience with death is with the kitty she's been wanting for so long and working so hard to get. After only three days, too.

She's already asked for a new kitten, so I'm sure we'll head back to the pound sometime soon. She's so smart though. She said she wants to wait a couple of days until her heart doesn't hurt so much. :(

She's playing her Transformer video game right now, hurling bad guys through buildings. I don't blame her!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

1st Day, Final Round

Well, he made it. As did I. George went into his new school very happily and immediately started playing with the play-doh. All was well until I said good-bye. He started scrambling to clean up the play-doh and join me. As I walked into the hall, I heard the screaming start. Lee, the wonderful director of his preschool, told me to keep my cell phone on, but "go away". LOL!

Later, I found out that he quieted down after about 5 minutes and did pretty well throughout the afternoon. Transitions between activities were hard, as they always are with him. But, they must be doing something right, because he almost fell asleep while eating his snack! He's home now, curled up on the couch, watching a video about tractors.....all is well in his world.


Oh, and we get Wendy-kitty on Wednesday. No, she won't be orange, but yes, she most definitely has claws!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Meme time

The wonderful Tink with all her tribulations has tagged me, so here you are:

1. Who was your first prom date? Jason took me to my Senior prom. On a boat in the San Francisco Bay, ahhhh romantic!

2. Who was your first roommate? Sarah, freshman year of college at U.C. Davis. She used to read this blog, Hi Sarah!

3. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? Um, I'm guessing from San Jose to Phoenix, when I was 5 or 6.

4. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? It wasn't actually my house, never did that. I stayed the night with a good friend at the end of Junior year of high school and we snuck out to a local park. To meet BOYS!!! Sorry Mom.

5. Whose wedding were you in the first time? I was a bridesmaid at my brother's wedding when I was 18.

6. What was the first concert you ever went to? Other than cheesy Beach Boys concerts at Great America, I think my first real concert was U2, in Oakland. Or no, Amy Grant at Shoreline?

7. First tattoo or piercing? No tatoos. Ears pierced when I was 12 or 13.

If you do this meme, leave me a link so I can visit!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Quirky Kid

A very interesting article in Newsweek this week, check it out: You And Your Quirky Kid. Good debate about what is truly "normal", how difficult it is to diagnose exact placement on the Autism spectrum, and how wonderful these "quirky" kids really are.

We love both of our quirky kids. One on the spectrum and one not, but both unique, crazy, silly, frustrating, happy, and lovable.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st Day, Round Two

George returned to his EEP Preschool today! He went off with a smile and a loud "BYE!!", hand in hand with his favorite teacher. This is so good. He's been so very bored these last couple of weeks, especially since Emma returned to school last week. Routine is good.
And our routine will get crazier next week. George starts at an afternoon preschool next Monday. It's a traditional preschool, we're hoping to broaden his social skills and better prepare him for kindergarten. Jason and I attended the parent orientation last night and came away with great feelings about the program, teachers, and facility. But I'm nervous. My kid is a special needs kid. Hearing about all the fun activities they'll do, the manners that will be enforced, the choices they'll be encouraged to's all overwhelming to a family that's used to a more structured (possibly sheltered?) environment. Everyone that I've talked to there seems very flexible, they understand George's needs and will work to stretch his limitations without stressing him past his capabilities. But still. A mommy worries.
It will be good. He's bored at home, needs much more than three hours outside of our home. Needs "typical" kids around him. Needs more stimulation and to learn how to adapt to that stimulation around him. He'll be okay. Mommy will be okay.
And Mommy will be a taxi. Two kids, three schools, at least one after school activity. Every school on a different holiday/inservice schedule. Please don't blame me if I completely lose my mind this year. I'll check in whenever I feel slightly coherent. Happy Fall!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Between Daddy & Daughter

Him: Do you want to hang out with me tonight, paint the workbench, and listen to music?

Her: Sure!

Him: What music should we listen to?


(Mom's head hits the dinner table)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The 1st Day of 1st Grade!

Think someone is excited???

Monday, September 03, 2007


At the beginning of the summer, Jason and I were presented with this: (Please Mom, I really want a cat soon today, Mom.)

Notice the detail and thought put into this drawing. Apparently her goal is to have a neon orange cat with claws that can shred us all. (By the way, she wants the cat to be female, hard to find in orange, and it's name will be Wendy. Why? I have no idea.)

So, we felt those claws in our sentimental parental hearts and privately decided that yes, she would have her kitty. Shortly thereafter, unfortunately, Emma entered the stage of her life where she was slightly less delightful to be around (remember the Blueberry Meltdown, anyone?), and we told her she would have to earn the right to a cat. She and I formalized that idea by making a chore chart. The goal was 30 good days, with chores done and no nighttime tantrums.

If you'll notice the numbers at the bottom of the chart you'll see she has just eleven days to go. And with school starting, her behavior is evening out and I have a feeling those eleven will go real fast.

Jason and I have started spending a lot of time on this website:

Shoot me now. That may be the only thing that saves me from bringing home a whole litter of fluffy, clawed creatures. Buy one, get one half off indeed.