Tuesday, September 11, 2007

1st Day, Round Two

George returned to his EEP Preschool today! He went off with a smile and a loud "BYE!!", hand in hand with his favorite teacher. This is so good. He's been so very bored these last couple of weeks, especially since Emma returned to school last week. Routine is good.
And our routine will get crazier next week. George starts at an afternoon preschool next Monday. It's a traditional preschool, we're hoping to broaden his social skills and better prepare him for kindergarten. Jason and I attended the parent orientation last night and came away with great feelings about the program, teachers, and facility. But I'm nervous. My kid is a special needs kid. Hearing about all the fun activities they'll do, the manners that will be enforced, the choices they'll be encouraged to make....it's all overwhelming to a family that's used to a more structured (possibly sheltered?) environment. Everyone that I've talked to there seems very flexible, they understand George's needs and will work to stretch his limitations without stressing him past his capabilities. But still. A mommy worries.
It will be good. He's bored at home, needs much more than three hours outside of our home. Needs "typical" kids around him. Needs more stimulation and to learn how to adapt to that stimulation around him. He'll be okay. Mommy will be okay.
And Mommy will be a taxi. Two kids, three schools, at least one after school activity. Every school on a different holiday/inservice schedule. Please don't blame me if I completely lose my mind this year. I'll check in whenever I feel slightly coherent. Happy Fall!


Tink said...

He is looking soooo grown up. And I am sure he'll do fine. Look at his parents. :)

scrapgeek said...

Hope it goes well :)

Stephani said...

Good Luck Meg! You can do it your a SUPER Mom! Keep your chin up. I will cross my fingers that everything goes well for ya!

loonyhiker said...

What an exciting time for your family! I remember how hard it was to let my children spread their wings. Keep the faith!