Monday, September 24, 2007

Nature is cruel

Emma's little kitty died last night. Emma didn't know until this morning. Jason and I woke her up, before George got up, to tell her together and cuddle. And I let her skip school today, letting her do whatever she wants. Jason and I were totally destroyed last night. Not so much about the cat, we hadn't really bonded with it yet, but for Emma. She worked so hard and was totally head over heels in love. We're not sure what happened, Wendy was fine Saturday, and then yesterday went downhill fast and the emergency vet couldn't save her.

I don't think I slept at all last night, I was so dreading this morning.

Emma handled it fairly well. She, of course, broke down for a bit and sobbed. Didn't believe us at first when we told her Wendy had died. After the initial break down, it's kind of gone in waves. She'll be totally fine, being a goof, and then I'll find her in her room crying. I'm really glad we decided to keep her home today so she can work through this.

I emailed her teacher and last year's teacher to let them know why she wasn't in today. They've both been very excited about the kitty, so I wanted to let them know that she'll be tender tomorrow. It just kills me that her first real experience with death is with the kitty she's been wanting for so long and working so hard to get. After only three days, too.

She's already asked for a new kitten, so I'm sure we'll head back to the pound sometime soon. She's so smart though. She said she wants to wait a couple of days until her heart doesn't hurt so much. :(

She's playing her Transformer video game right now, hurling bad guys through buildings. I don't blame her!


Anonymous said...

oh no!! That is just terrible!! And so smart of you to let her stay home. Poor little thing . . . both Wendy and Emma. Please give her a big hug from me and Katie.

Tink said...

I am so sorry for Emma. It is a difficult thing to handle when you are so young. But being young she will adjust to it faster than say, I would.

Gramma said...

Aw, Beautiful Emma, my heart hurts too.

Michelle said...

Emma, I'm so sorry. Wendy was beautiful and my heart hurts for you. :-(

scrapgeek said...

Oh no!! That is so sad. Losing a pet, even after such a short time is a hard thing. I hope she is OK. :(