Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Purr-fectly Playful

Journaling taken from today's earlier post. And yes, Dave, that picture did look a lot like Fireball. But she's darker. And she doesn't swipe at your ankles every time you walk by. Imagine that!

Grandma is pretty happy to see an orange cat in this house again, too. For non-family members, if you remember, we have moved into my grandparents' old home. And they had a wonderful orange cat for years and years. When he died, another orange cat that looked just like him spent several days on the property. Laying in all the spots Morris loved to lay, staring up at the house, acting just like he had. Kitty friend or kitty ghost? You make the call.


scrapgeek said...

Love the shot on the dishwasher!!

loonyhiker said...

How adorable! Hope the kids enjoy the kitty and it stays healthy!

Stephani said... fun! I love this layout. I am so glad you found this sweet little 'ORANGE' kitty! I think it was meant to be!! Great layout by the way!

Tink said...

What a sweet layout and post. We have a hard time keeping KFKAP out of the dishwasher too. Even harder time out of the bathroom sink. He loves playing in the water. Go figure.