Thursday, March 01, 2007

To the gods of good weather

PLEASE be nice to us!!!!

Tomorrow I fly back to Virginia where I'll meet up with Jason, Gracie, and a trailer full of cleaning supplies (and my computer, yay!). Saturday morning we turn around and start driving back to Oregon. So, of course, the weather all over America is lousy. We have chains, jumper cables, blankets, coats, a cooler, and a LOT of CD's.

In a way, this will be a nice vacation. Just us, road trippin'. In another way, not so much. Not only is the weather bad, but next Friday is Emma's 6th birthday. She would be crushed if we're not back in time. Of course, I've overcompensated for that possibility by buying just about every pink item sold in Toys R Us. But we have a full week. I've got to believe that's enough time.

Just to catch you all up on life, since I've been so silent here lately:

Jason still hasn't heard back from the National Guard, so we don't know yet where we'll be stationed (or, in fact, if he's been hired at all...though everyone we've talked to has given us the impression that he has.) So, every ring of the phone makes us jump.

It wouldn't be so bad to not know except that, for the first time in our military life, we are really set on where we want to live. The kids are doing so well in the schools here, and there are so many wonderful resources for George, that we are so hoping we don't have to uproot them again. I know, we're completely jinxing ourselves, but we do hope.

Emma's class is fabulous, I went on a field trip with them to they YMCA last week. I have never been around so many well-behaved, happy, polite five year olds, ever! They were adorable and the whole day was really fun.

George seems to love his class and goes in with excitement every day. His vocabulary has expanded amazingly and he's eating with utencils and behaving better and better every day. So much to be thankful for there.

I've expanded my role at Digital Scrapbook Place. In addition to the teaching, I'm now a moderator, which allows me to run challenges and contests, and offer prizes. More responsibility and a lot of fun!

Okay, I think that's us in a nutshell. Help me pray for good weather, and if you live along I-80 somewhere, wave at us as we go by!! See you in a week!


Michelle said...

Oh I so remember those days....driving cross country, military life. You have all of my prayers right now. Be safe!!!!!1

karen said...

Hope you have a safe and fun trip Meg. And I really hope that Jason gets the gig he's hoping for and you can settle down where you want to be.
I grew up in an Air Force family and changing schools every couple of years was very unsettling (although the travelling was fun).

samm said...

great update and I hope everything turns out as you want it too.

Stephani said...

Meg so glad to know you made it home safely and I hope that the next phone calls calms your fears and the call is what you want to hear. I am praying that it is because everything just seems to be going so well for you and your family right now. Be strong dear friend.

ArtcTrish said...

it was great reading and catching up on what you are doing! How great you've expanded your role at DSP. Hope all is well and you guys get to REALLY settle down soon.

Anonymous said...

That's a lotta news Meg and congrats on your expanded duties at DSP! What a funk to have to keep waiting and waiting on the news, I hope you all find out something sooner rather than later.