Sunday, December 06, 2009

Choosing a Tree


Choosing the Christmas tree is an important tradition in our family. And it is one that I was most worried about this year. It's the beginning of our holiday season, the day that all decorations are pulled up from the basement, and an activity we do as a family. Until a few weeks ago, I'd been trying to figure out how I would tweak day of activities to fill in the missing piece. As it turned out, no tweaking was necessary.


I could even sit back once we got it home, and let someone else wrangle the tree lights! It's so hard for kids to wait through that part of the process, and thinking about how I'd get it done without losing my patience with their "helping" was raising my blood pressure.


The kids did all the decorating themselves, with just a bit of help for the higher branches. This was the first year George took an active part. Previously, he would load one branch with about a dozen ornaments and then spend the rest of the time spinning through the house.


And best of all, the tradition that Emma was most worried about? Placing the star. Daddy always lifts her up to put it on when everything else is done. I could have lifted her (though not as easily) and we would have gotten the star placed, but I'm not Daddy. But this guy is, and they got it done.


We won't have him here for Christmas, but sometimes? It's not the presents and new pajamas and cinnamon rolls that make the season memorable. It's the traditions, the support, the laughter, the love, and the beauty.



Beth said...

Happy Holidays Meg. Your tree is gorgeous and your ability to tell your story with words and pictures is quite poignant.

pixiemama said...

Thank goodness Daddy was there this time.So sorry he won't be there for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

You are right ... most of the time (for me) the BIG DAY is such a let down. It is all the traditions and family time that mean more. I am SO glad he is there! And your tree is beautiful!

Nicole Young said...

Ohhhh Meg, you about have me in tears with this post! I am so thrilled for you that your hubby is home!!! What a beautiful post and I bet you are just so excited to have him home, even just for a few weeks!! Tell him thank you for what he does for us all! I know you both make sacrifices that a lot of people aren't willing to make! We appreciate you!!!

Kim said...

How sweet. I'm so glad you got to keep that tradition this year! Very pretty tree!!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Gorgeous tree! So glad you were all together for the tradition.

prashant said...

your ability to tell your story with words and pictures is quite poignant.

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