Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Are we ever good enough?

Are you pleased with what you look like? If you could change any part of yourself what would it be?

Yikes. I can't believe I chose this as today's prompt. Let's see how honest we all can be, shall we?

I can be typical and say I would love to lose a few pounds, or a few more. But really, I'm okay with where I am in the grand scale of things. (Adam, that pun was for you!) I actually have no idea what I weigh, I just like to make sure my clothes fit right. And right now, they fit. I do want to join a gym when George goes to school in a couple of years. Not to lose weight, but to maintain some semblance to fitness. I want to be able to be as active as I want to be as the years go on, not have to debate an activity because it might be too exhausting. (Wow, any English teachers please ignore all the passive verbs in that last sentence, I don't feel like rewording it, but boy is it bad!)

I have freckles. Lots of 'em. But I've never minded them. Without them, my skin would be so white, I would blind people. And since I don't want to be responsible for that, I'll keep the freckles.

I do have an issue with the fact that my face is losing color. What is it? Age? Childbirth? What makes all the pretty pigment in lips and cheeks disappear? I've never been big on make-up, but I find myself in that aisle more and more these days.

And then there's my hair. I love it. I hate it. And it's turning white. What once was gradual, is speeding up at a frightening pace. I'll put off dying it as long as I can, but when I start looking like a skunk in photographs, let me know, will you? I chopped it off recently, here's the layout that paid homage to that grand tradition:

All in all, I'm happy with myself. I recognize myself, anyone else in the mirror would be frightening. So? How about you? What would you change?


glynis said...

Great post, Meg. You sound like someone 'comfortable in her own skin' and that makes life a lot easier to take, doesn't it?

Stacey said...

now that you have mentioned it...my coloring faded after the kids were born too. I used to have pink, defined lips & a bit of a antural bush. Now its all sorta pale. Ihave a huge collection of lipstick now. i think I owned 2 tubes thorugh my 20's

faery-wings said...

Your happiness with yourself shows in your pictures and your words. You shine!

heather said...

Gorgeous photos in the layout!! Not a white hair in sight Meg!

Lani said...

im a bit worried if we start to loose colour as we age or have kids. I havent had any kids yet but i already have no colour!!! im going to be see through when i get to that stage! hehe By the way Meg i think your hair is awesome. what i would give for some curls or a bit of volume in my hair!

Bonnie said...

I liked lani's comment about being see-through. hee hee. It is weird that we loose some color hey? I used to have ruby red cheeks BC and although am not white, there is definately less color! You have lovely green eyes and I think just like my nose makes me, your freckles make who you are!

loonyhiker said...

I have reached that skunky look and will take care of it next week, in fact! I have never heard of color fading though but I guess it is because I have darker skin. I think you look great by the way and I loved your layout!