Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Details, details!

See this lovely lady? She's my grandma. See her shirt? Yup, it says, "I make stuff up". There could not be words more true. She doesn't lie, nor deliberately mislead. She just, ahhhhh, adds details to stories. Or if you ask her a question and she doesn't actually know the answer, she'll give you her opinion. But she just might forget to tell you that it's her opinion instead of factual information. And the cutest part? She giggles like a school girl if you accuse her of adding to her stories.

I asked my blog pals to talk about inherited traits. My grandma's habit seems to be making it's way down the line. I've noticed my mom's stories are becoming a bit more detailed than they used to be. And me, well, I'm aware of the urge to elaborate. I'm hoping that's all it is at this point!

I bring this up in response to the many emails, comments, and messages I've received recently about George. First of all, thank you! We all appreciate your words of support and encouragement. Second of all, I don't know much more than what I wrote in the post on Oct. 3rd. It is so tempting to answer the many questions I've received with my thoughts and hopes, instead of the specifics of the doctor's words. George has gone through several more tests with the school district and we will have our evaluation meeting next week. It is my assumption that he will be put into a small special ed class for three year olds at that time. I say this based on the testing he did today and the fact that I was taken to view the class and meet the teacher. We won't actually know until next week, however.

So, in the interest of not adding details to this story-in-progress, I will stop here and add updates as they come in!


Dave said...

What a great picture!

Tink said...

I want a shirt like that.

Lori said...

Your grandma looks like a fun lady. Grandma's are so special! Mine went to be home with Jesus last year, we miss her so much. Gonna go before i blubber.

carinc said...

Your Grandma sounds like a blast! Not taking life too seriously is definitely something to strive for as we age. :)

Karen said...

She sounds like a real character. Every family should have at least one like her. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
I'm sure it's early days yet for George. The important thing is that he is getting the proper attention from such an early age. So many children struggle for years with no assistance. I know that George will end up doing well with the family support that he's got.