Monday, October 23, 2006

Vacation fun

Hi all! We're still here, I promise! We've had family visiting for the last week, so we've been very busy having fun! Having Gramma & Papa here for that long made it so Jason and I could go away for a whole weekend!! GASP!! We realized we have never done that! Not even before we were married with children. We've gone lots of places, but never done the whole tourist thing. So we headed up north for a marathon of Washington D.C. touring.

We walked the Capital Mall:

Spent hours in several Smithsonian museums:

And, oh yeah, met an astronaut (Buzz Aldrin):

I will try to write more later today and catch up with my DSP blog pals, but I have a house to clean and frankly, I'm exhausted from my vacation! No one told me that I ought to train for six months to ready myself for two days of sightseeing!


Tink said...

Glad you and Jason had a chance to get out by yourselves.

scrapgeek said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I have very fond memories of my visit to Washington DC. The Smithsonian is amazing!

Dave said...

Buzz Aldrin ... cool.

Congrats on finally getting out for a while. Maybe you will be able to do this more often soon, if you manage to settle down closer to family.

Karen said...

Sounds like an action packed two days. Great that you got to have some 'kidless' time together.

glynis said...

I haven't been to DC for YEARS and I can't wait to take my children to my favorite--the Air and Space Museum. And you met an astronaut...awesome!