Friday, December 08, 2006

Do I feel lucky?

My blog pals are talking about luck today. And when I posted that prompt this morning I had all sorts of ideas and, well, energy. But you see, we spent most of the afternoon banished from our home (with the dog, during George's normal nap time, and we forgot hats and mittens so we couldn't go to the park), so Realtors could preview our house. And now, now I'm tired and have no idea as to what I was planning on regaling you with.

So I'll leave you with the most recent moment in my life when I truly felt lucky.

Day: Today

Time: 6:30 am

Setting: Living room, leaning over the couch trying to convince Emma that she wanted to eat breakfast.

Costume: Slippers, bath robe, no make-up, hair clipped out of my face

The words that came out of my dear daughter's mouth: "Mommy, you are so beautiful."

I am the luckiest woman in the world.


glynis said...

Awwww! What a precious moment! She knows true beauty when she sees it I'm sure :) Thanks for sharing a moment like that with us...they are what make life worth living.

Kristen said...

well that just made me soooooo smile!!!! That is what def. makes life worth living!

karen said...

Enjoy it whilst you can Meg. In a few years she'll still say that but then she'll ask to borrow your sweater.

Lena Brandenburg said...

Oh that is precious. I love it! I'll definitely be back, thanks for helping me find your blog :)

loonyhiker said...

It's moments like this that we live for!!! THAT needs to be scrapped! (so when she becomes this monster teenager - believe me, I've seen it happen - you will have this to keep you from killing her!)