Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mommy of the Year Award

Bet you thought you were going to get it this year, right? Nope! I’ve got this one wrapped up! Jason was going to pick up Emma from school yesterday. He had a 1:00 meeting, but would have plenty of time to get back across town afterwards to pick Emma up at 2:10. Except for one thing. Yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesdays are Early Release days. School gets out at 1:10.

So, at 1:15, I’m mentally planning out the rest of the day. Let’s see, we would be going swimming so I ought to give George an earlier nap and plan an easy, early dinner. Isn’t it great that we can go swimming every Wednesday? Wednesday. A quick glance to the clock. It’s 1:15 on Wednesday. Oh no!!!!!!!!!

As I frantically call Emma’s school and grab George’s shoes, I have visions of Emma standing by herself in her classroom, sobbing her eyes out. The receptionist tells me they’ll have her brought to the office and I run out the door. Breaking every possible speed limit, I arrive at school approximately 3.8 minutes later. Okay, maybe it was 7.8 minutes, but it was fast!

And Emma? Yeah, she was having a blast. Sigh. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. Ms. AJ took her outside to look for my car, and while out there, she heard her name being called over the loudspeaker. She’s famous! In the office, they gave her a book to read and admired her outfit. So you see? I really am the Mommy of the Year! I allowed my daughter to be treated like a princess at school!

Mom asked me this morning if I plan on picking my daughter up from school today or not. Thanks Mom.


In other news, we attended a Walk the Diamond fundraiser this morning for the Early Education Program that supports preschools like George’s. Very simple little parade around the local baseball diamond, snacks, and fun for the kids. George spent most of the time playing in the first baseline and turning his white socks brown. But he also loved the parachute (he called it a balloon), I loved watching him play happily alongside so many kids. Normally, that many people in so small a space would completely drive him crazy. All in all, it was a fun little event to gather the teachers, parents, and students and enjoy the sunshine. Several hours later, he is still wearing the little ribbon they gave him for completing the walk.

So often, we end up staying home because George can't handle big outings. I sure appreciate his school system sponsering something fun like this for kids like him. It feels great doing something as a family and breaking up the routine a bit. (By the way, George handled the routine change just fine, but wasn't real thrilled at seeing his teachers somewhere other than school! I think he thought we were going to leave him in a strange place, so he stuck pretty close the whole time we were there.)

This may only be interesting to my scrapbooking friends, but I met Ali Edwards and her son, Simon! Okay, Simon blew past me to go play, but he’s as adorable and full of life as all her pictures and layouts show. For you non-scrapbookers, Ali is the Creative Editor of Creating Keepsakes, the largest scrapbooking magazine, and an incredibly talented artist.

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karen said...

Wonderful photos Meg. And of course not that Emma is a Princess she'll need to get used to the paparazzi following her around with cameras.