Friday, May 04, 2007

Pool, Glorious, Pool!!!

Wow!! Was that a success or what?!! We all had a blast the other night. I've never seen a pool like this one. Here's a pic from their website:

It doesn't look too strange, I know, but it really was so different. It's housed within a wellness center, so it's completely set up for every handicap or theraputic use. See the black stripe between the pool and spa? That's a wheelchair ramp. Not only useful for chairs, but also perfect for little toddlers, not ready to be in the big pool, but wanting to play without hanging on. Plus, the water was salt water! And heated to 92 degrees! Very, very cool!
George loved jumping off the edge into Daddy's arms and being piggy-backed through the deeper water by me. Emma loved practicing her swimming and enjoying the many floats, noodles, life vests, and toys available. Mommy and Daddy loved the spa! George thought the bubbles were the coolest things ever, so we got to spend lots of time in there! And the best part? The happily exhausted kiddos when the night was over. I had forgotten just how good post-swimming sleepiness feels. Can't wait to do it again next week!
Oh, and an added bonus: George now loves to take a shower, making hair washing night much, much easier!

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karen said...

Sounds like a great time for all the family on many levels Meg.