Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Eyes Are Crossing

Man, I was glad to get the kids back in school! So much more time for me to put my feet up and relax.

Bwahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!! Phew! Am I funny or what?

Actually, I've been busy getting making my carpal tunnel worse with a HUGE, exciting project. Jason's brother, Adam is the lead member of a band in Denmark that is steadily getting bigger and bigger. They recently signed with a record label in Europe and have their first professionally produced album coming out in a couple of months. In addition to just being totally excited for them, I'm also excited about this:(Click on the photo to go to their site!) Adam and I have been internationally collaborating on this for the last couple of months. Last night I emailed him the initial proofs for his CD cover, tray card, and 8 page booklet. Working with specs and templates written in Danish, using the metric system, and a different color mode (CMYK for you print knowledgeable types) made it all that much more interesting. A challenge, but one I've really enjoyed. Just what the perfectionist side of my inner artist needed!
Oh, and I've been taking the kids bike riding, making dentist and doctor appointments, driving kids to and from school every 2 1/2 hours, running my DSU Card Making class, preparing for the upcoming trade show I'm working, attending meetings and prepping for George's entry to Kindergarten next year, volunteering in Emma's class (and as a crossing guard after school!), and generally trying to stay ahead of the dirt and grime of a 4 person/2 animal household. Oh, and feeding my family. So, you know, not much else really. ;) Just being a mom. Gotta love it!


Karen Bowers said...

hotdog, meg! this looks fabulous! and how cool to have a byline!

Anonymous said...

ok, when you get to Vegas, you WILL tell me your secret to getting all that done and staying sane!! I'm doing about half that and I feel like I'm barely above water!!! I want your secret!!!!! And I'll bribe you with margaritas if I have to!

Can't wait to see the finished CD . . . congrats on getting it done!!

Stephani said...

WOW! GO MEG! That was a tongue twister. I can't imagine actually doing it all. You are one amazing lady. How cool to be the designer of a cd. That totally ROCKS...no pun intended! LOL! So so so exciting though.

Tink said...

Congratulations Meg. Woo Hoo. You go girl. (oh and if margaritas are in the off in LV, I'm coming too, LOL)

Dave said...

Bork bork bork!

Oh wait, you said Danish, not Swedish.

Either way, the CD stuff looks great. It just goes to show that you can never tell what your local crossing guard is capable of.