Sunday, January 06, 2008

Completed Board Book

In November I prepped a board book style mini-album for the upcoming Christmas season (see the originals here: Prepping for Xmas). I am so glad that I did! As seen in the January DSP Newsletter, I had my album completed only a few days after Christmas! I'm going to be adding some ribbon around the spines, I think, to finish off the look and cover some of the gaps between pages, but I love how it turned out otherwise! I simply added photos and minimal journaling in throughout December and was able to start printing and gluing the day after Christmas.

Click HERE to see the pages a bit closer up, if you'd like to read the journaling.

I'm looking forward to being able to pull this out again next year to share with friends and family. I didn't realize how many little traditions our family enjoys until I started putting this book together. And as someone who tends to procrastinate (just a bit!), this organizing ahead business was amazing! Maybe I should try it in other aspects of my life?

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Tink said...

Gorgeous book Meg. :)