Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back to School Whiplash

Snippets of conversations between all the moms at George's special needs preschool:
"So, how was your three month, I mean three week, vacation?"
"Oh my gosh, it's so nice to get back into our routine!"
"Which did you get more of, presents or meltdowns?"

Snippets of conversations between the moms (other than me) at George's "typical" preschool:
"I so didn't want to bring Timmy/Suzy/Jr. to school today! I'll miss him/her so much!"
"Timmy/Suzy/Jr. didn't want to come to school today, he/she wants more free time."
"I don't know what I'm going to do with myself while they're in school!"



Beth said...

Who are those moms?? All the moms I've talked to were SO looking forward to QUIET! Just a few minutes!

Great observations!

(btw, a surprise will be arriving in the mail for you in just a few days!)

CC said...

It totally felt like 3 months!!!

lonestar said...

LOL - our crew was ready to get back to school too :). It's the same thing when summer comes, everyone excited to be out of school except my boys who are stressed out about the upcoming change in routine...

Jen Snyder said...

I miss you... and I don't know what to say. I sent your Christmas card to the Lincoln address, which was the last I had for you.... Just logged onto your site and am catching up, figuring out how this works. I've got a baby boy of my own.
Love You,
Jen Rupert

Chantrelle said...

Ben's not in a special needs school and i was VERY ready for the christmas break to end!! those moms are lying :P