Sunday, January 04, 2009

The fun you can have at an airport

A random moment via the camera on our phones:

Fun at the airport

And I apologize for the quality and movement in the following video. Our phones are not fancy ones, but I was a bit in awe of our lunchtime entertainment at the airport and had to capture it. Who knew you could watch middle-aged men in far-too-tight pants sing 70's hits in the middle of the terminal?

Just like a picnic at Golden Gate Park, no? And the close up on George's shoes was because he had been dancing along to the music. You know. Until the moment I tried to capture it on film. Durned kid.


CC said...

Love the moving walkway pic!

lonestar said...

Cute picture!

btw, I love the "photo of the day" on your blog, ROFL :)