Monday, August 17, 2009

Crawling toward the end of summer

Are your kids bored like mine? Well, just hand them a 24 pack of new pencils and a pencil sharpener! Guaranteed to provide at least 24 minutes of quiet fun!


Also, yes, that IS a movable, circular train bridge you see in the foreground! Brilliant idea, I think.

Obviously, we're knee deep in Thomas the Tank Engine again these days. Just when I was starting to think that it was time to box everything up, everything came back out. And I do mean everything.


This photo was taken by George. The books and trains are propped up on the entertainment center, in front of the TV which was playing a Thomas DVD (more can be seen below, resting on the DVD player). The trains are out, the books are out, the DVDs are in constant rotation, Thomas activity books are a favorite, we're even listening to Thomas audio books in the van. Luckily, Thomas is fairly likable and there are so many stories, that I don't have to hear/watch/read the same ones too often. And George relates to/interacts with them differently now that he's more verbal. I love how he "discusses" the story lines with me, really dissecting the emotions and actions. THIS is why we rarely throw out old favorite toys and such, they almost always cycle back through and serve a new purpose.

AND, as a super bonus, I found a discarded train table on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago. These can run anywhere from $80-200, so I was never willing to buy one. But, thanks to a ton of sanding and a bit of spray paint (thanks, Papa!), it's looking wonderful and will move into George's room this week!


loonyhiker said...

I'm so glad he is having fun! Don and I took a scenic train ride through the Adirondacks in NY last week. I believe in the statement about the difference between men and boys are the price of their toys! :)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I know of so many kids on the spectrum who like Thomas - including my high schooler!

lonestar said...

How cool that he can discuss the storylines with you! My guys are big Thomas fans too :). Bitty has started reciting Thomas stories... I can't make out everything he says but enough to tell that's what it is.