Sunday, February 10, 2008

Two weeks later...

And I'm still catching up!

The CD goes to the printer this week. I've already told the band that I'm frankly sick of looking at them. Adam says he'll send the MP3's of the songs, so I don't have to actually handle or look at the CD for a while. They sound great, though, I'll be sure to link the CD when it hits Amazon and iTunes.

Vegas was, quite simply, awesome. I worked my feet off, but had an amazing time. The PMA show was incredible, I saw lots and lots and lots of techno-gadgets that I would love to play with.
And seeing my friends from DSP was the best part. We laughed and talked and worked and walked and ate and drank and had SOOO much fun.

I'm hoping to join them again in San Jose, CA this summer. We'll be meeting at Adobe headquarters for an all day laptop crop. We'll be like nerdy kids in a educational toy store!! I'm hoping to turn it into a family road trip, it will depend on George's summer school schedule. I just can't imagine knowing all these incredible people being so close, and not being there myself.

On the home front, Jason was able to get a paid weekend off, so he and the kids had lots of, um, bonding time. Grandma and Papa helped a lot and Jason reaffirmed the idea that he would never be able to be a stay-at-home dad. I've never seen such a happy face as the one that greeted me in baggage claim!! But they all had a good weekend and I came home to happy kids and a clean house. LOVE that!

The snow from the other week is long gone now. We had a gorgeous day yesterday and spent the whole day outside doing yard work. Why does that feel so very good even though it's such hard work? Jason trimmed most of the bamboo that takes over our yard, along with various trees and vines. George helped make a hut and playground out of the bamboo, and Emma spent all day running around outside. Kicking rocks, running up and down our hilly field, and just enjoying the air. The best kind of day. Especially when we're due for more rain this week.

All in all, a very full couple of weeks, but we're all happy and healthy. Can't ask for more than that.


Stephani said...

Oh how wonderful. I am so glad you are home. I have missed your posts so
much. I am so glad you had a wonderful time. It sounds like such fun.

scrapgeek said...

You guys look so great in your tshirts. I am still NOT jealous at all!!!! Good to see that the kids (and the CAT!) are healthy and happy :)

Cheryl said...

Hopefully, we'll be moved into our new house in the East Bay area by the summer and we'll get see you when you're in San Jose!