Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Goofy Boy

As we head into Spring Break next week, George has to deal with the challenge of an uneven schedule. His morning preschool (the special needs school) takes an extra week at all breaks because they meet for an extra month in the summer. So, he's home in the mornings this week and then has to transition into school mode for the afternoons. His afternoon teachers have been struggling with his behavior, as have I at home. He's very obviously stressed by the change in routine.

I'm trying to fill his mornings without too many videos and keep him active. Today, I decided to capitalize on his resurgence in love for all things Thomas. (As was expected, after a birthday last summer that was filled with Thomas trains, he promptly wanted nothing to do with them for several months. We boxed them up and put them out of sight, waiting for him to let us know when he wanted them again.) He's been watching the videos again this week, so today I found the (big) box of trains and tracks and let the Island of Sodor take over our dining room table.

He's been playing with them for two solid hours now. Peaceful music plays in the background as he keeps up a running commentary on the trains' adventures. I've gotten some chores done and the TV has remained off. We leave for school soon, let's hope that a morning filled with imaginary play helps him make a better transition today. If not, oh well, he can come home and play some more this afternoon!

And just for the sake of cuteness, yet another new page:
Journaling:You thought you were so cute in this adult sized “Thing 2” shirt, (and you were), that I couldn’t get you to stop admiring yourself in the hall mirror and the flip screen of the camera. Which would be fine. If you would just stop moving once in a while! No matter. The pictures may be blurry, but your silly cuteness shines through! - March ‘08

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loonyhiker said...

Just a thought: Can you make a picture schedule for George so that he knows when he goes to school, comes home, what activites are planned? As he does each one, he can put an x over each picture. Maybe this will help him process the changes. That helped many of my students during breaks.