Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well, of course!

Because it's Spring Break this week.
Because Jason is busy with National Guard this week.
Because Emma has a thousand grandiose ideas as to what vacation entails.

George and I are sick. Just head colds, not the horrible flu that's going around, but still. It's bad enough to cause him and I to be awake for goodly portions of the night (me struggling to breathe, him coughing up a lung or two), and then be completely unable to focus or speak pleasantly to those around us during the day. And the Kleenex, oh the Kleenex. Good thing trash day is tomorrow, ours is FULL! Ah, the fun.

Luckily, mine didn't hit until Easter, so we were able to dye eggs the day before without too much trouble. Emma was an expert this year and got to make the deciding votes as to when each egg should be removed from the dye. Blues were beautiful, as were the greens. Purple and red were both pink. Yellow was pretty. And orange... didn't really work at all. We did one orange egg, left it in the dye the entire time other eggs were being rotated through and still, barely flesh tone. Hmmm, I'm sure there's a future science experiment in there some where.

This was George's first time participating in the process. For the most part, he did really well. He was very gentle with the eggs, good at taking turns with Emma, and stayed at the table almost the whole time. But waiting is hard. Tears were shed and the sign language movement for "waiting" was used repeatedly. Poor kid with a mean mommy who takes pictures of her sad boy crying.
And today? It's pouring rain so the kids are playing inside while I continue to fill up the trash and Lysol everything I touch. We've continued to have adventures on the dining table Island of Sodor (no, I haven't taken it down, we just temporarily remove portions at meal times). I hooked our old video camera up to the TV so they could watch themselves act and dance (thank you Albertson's pharmacy security camera for that idea!). And they've been playing music and running around in the basement.

Is that a dress George is wearing in that picture? Why yes, yes it is. Isn't it great that he has an older sister to emulate?


Pam said...

Aww Meg, I hope you and George feel better soon. Its no fun when one child is full of energy and ready to play and all you feel able to do is crawl as far as the couch! I've really enjoyed catching up with your blog, great photos and layouts as always, and that info on Autism is so positive and reassuring for the future!

glynis said...

Oh the kids are getting so big! And you're lucky you guys ONLY got a cold :) I was down for a week with the flu, then hubby got it. Poor kids didn't get anything but a Cadbury egg for Easter :) Thanks for stopping by to say 'Hi!'

Anonymous said...

HI Meg !!! (ltns) but I'm blog hopping some of my older blog buds today *smile* I can't BELIEVE the growth in those kids!!!! And i'm loving the table top village play (my table is too cluttered with mediocre items to allow for such play). Anyway, I wanted to stop b and say Hi!!! Oh...i hope you guys get over that cold soon... *hugs*

scrapgeek said...

You poor things - hope you are both better soon. Cute pics. Love George's dress!!!