Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A is for Assessment, B is for Birthday...

C is for holy Crud, life just never slows down!!

Lots of pictures coming from last weekend, just need to weed through them and do some Photoshopping. Miss Emma turned 7 and had two fabulous parties (one for classmates, one for family). Both went well and we all collapsed in exhaustion at the end of the day. Here she is enjoying her favorite present. Loaded with great Rock and Roll from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and Today, just like every radio station out there! No kids' music or *gag* Hannah Montana for our little diva!

Also, this is the time of year when the assessment teams for our local school district start observing Special Needs preschool kids, to decide placement options for Kindergarten. In some ways, this is easy for us. Our neighborhood school hosts the local Autism classroom, and we know that, if they deem him ready, George will go to the head of the list there. (There is limited space, so just having Autism doesn't guarantee a spot.) We also are very comfortable with the idea of holding him back a year. He has a late summer birthday, so that would have been a consideration anyway.

However, having to fill out forms like this one makes me break out in hives.

The questions are so ridiculous. How can I answer them "yes" or "no"??? #4: Eats specific foods and refuses to eat what most people will usually eat. Well yes, he's very picky, which is typical of Autistic children. He's also four. #35: Is unaffectionate; doesn't give affectionate responses (e.g., hugs and kisses). No, we're lucky in that he's very affectionate. With us. Classmates or strangers, not so much. Again, he's four. #54: Did the child appear to be deaf to some sounds but hear others? I'm sorry, maybe these people have never met any children??? That's what they do.

Okay, rant over. Pictures will be posted soon!


Anonymous said...

THOSE are the questions??? You are kidding me!
I am glad she had a wonderful and exhausting birthday - always the best kind!

Tink said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Em. You sure look like you are enjoying your new gift.

Oh Meg, I didn't know whether to be angry over some of those questions or just laugh at your responses. Indy doesn't have autism but I would have given the same answers (he is 4).

scrapgeek said...

Good grief - every kid I know must be autistic!!
Happy birthday to Emma - and how fortunate are you to be spared Hannah Montana (I am so glad I have boys!!)

Anonymous said...

It's not a diagnostic instrument. It's just for screening. The instrument was developed by experient people who know what suggests (just suggests!) that something may be not quite right.