Saturday, August 30, 2008

August, In Pictures

We look forward, all year, to the County Fair. We go every single day to be sure that we hit all the junk food stands and rides: And see all the cute, baby animals:
Any and all visiting relatives join us for the fun. Did I mention the rides?
We try to catch a couple of concerts. Jason and I joined our parents' generation at the Chicago concert. Make fun if you must, but those old guys were rockin!When are days aren't filled to the brim with family and festivals, we relax:
Then, we find somewhere else to go! This year, we went up to the zoo:Where George was beside himself with excitement because he got to go on his first train ride:Did you know that, occasionally, dinosaurs show up at the zoo? They're loud!
And that brings us to Labor Day weekend. Class lists have been posted and kids are wavering between nervousness and excitement. Next week, this playground will be full, and my house will be much, much quieter.
Let's hear it for September!!


scrapgeek said...

Busy weekend Meg - love that swings photo!!

Liz McCoy said...

sounds like a wonderful august!!! Love the first photo it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I just love your photography!

I know you won't be mad that I didn't vote for handsome son in the 5MFN's SE Wednesday Model Search since my beautiful daughter is also a contender, but I did want to say I feel so privileged to even be in the running with you guys. I feel like a winner just being a finalist! Best wishes!

Dave said...

Great pictures. The swing pic is a little spooky, but great.