Wednesday, August 20, 2008


One of my favorite (albeit blurry) photos from last weekend:

Laying on the bed with Daddy. In the same position, eyes closed or open at the same time, pretend yawning together, stretching together, being together. Jason had a shadow/echo most of the weekend. It was fairly humorous to have conversations with him, hearing the continuous echo below and slightly behind him on a two second delay.

This is the first time J's been gone and George has been able to verbalize his curiosity about Daddy's whereabouts. They talked on the phone (well, Jason talked, George recited from videos that include phone calls); and when we picked him up at the airport, well, it was beautiful. We may hate the separations, but maybe, just maybe, they serve a purpose in encouraging verbalization and awareness of life outside George's head. Regardless, I love seeing the bond between my boys.

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CrackerJacks said...

Such a sweet photo, even with the blur.

Stephanie said...

Touching photo! Dad is gone a lot at our house, too. Snuggling in bed is something dads do really well, don't you think?

happycfam said...

So touching. My little girl loves her Daddy so much and when he is away she misses him so much!

I don't mind the blur, I'm not photographer like half the women on-line. I'm starting to get a complex, so thanks for the blur:)