Saturday, August 09, 2008

Barista Boy

I think I'm figuring this whole "single mom" thing out. Make daily chores seem really fun and your kids will want to do them!! Actually, both Em and George have always been great about helping out, but George is entering into the phase of childhood where he wants to help with, or do, everything I do around the house. He feeds the dog all her meals and treats, makes his own PB&J for lunch (with help, otherwise he'd use the whole jar of peanut butter), and now... makes my coffee in the mornings! From start to finish: he loads the water, filter, and grounds; starts the machine; watches as it brews and calls me when it's done; after I give him a mug, he scoops out the sugar; I pour the coffee and he stirs; I add the cream and he stirs. This is the life!

Of course, now he wants his own "coffee" to make. Namely, milk and chocolate sauce that he can stir together into chocolate milk. Fair trade for the labor, I think!

I haven't featured Emma much lately. Not for lack of love, I promise! Simply, she's just cruising through the summer with not a lot going on (including, thank goodness, no attitude problems worth stressing about). And she's entering the phase where she is very picky about the pictures I take of her. In fact, she'll be pretty upset if she sees that I've posted this one, but I think the look on her face is priceless:

Can't you just hear her??? She's saying, "Moooooooommmmmmmm, I don't want you to take my picture again!" In this instance, it has something to do with her MP3 player. Apparently she doesn't like to have her picture taken when she's wearing it. Not sure why, but obviously I'm a horrible mom who ignores her!

Speaking of her MP3 player, I love her play list and it completely defines who she is and her influences. Everything from The Little Mermaid's Kiss the Girl to Hannah Montana's I Wanna Be A Rock Star to Pink's Let's Get This Party Started to Van Halen's Jump. (She can tell the difference between Van Halen's two lead singers, by the way. Can you?)


Liz McCoy said...

as always beautiful photographs...but i guess that's easy when you have BEAUTIFUL children!!!!!

Pam said...

Wonderful Photos Meg! If George wants to come and make my morning coffee he's more than welcome, my little barista seems to have gone on strike! Love the expression on Emmas face, she is sounding more and more like Emily everyday! Ems MP3 player ranges from Dire Straits to Hannah Montana with all sorts in between.
Im glad you are all doing so well while daddy is away, it can't be easy. George's little collection of daddy things is so cute!

Rodimus Prime said...

Do you think George would make some coffee for a friend of Daddy's? Black w/3 sugars thank you. By the way, he and Emma have grown so much since I saw them, (then again it has been what...about 5 years...give or take?) where does the time go?