Sunday, April 26, 2009

My baby

Three hours spent at the zoo.
The last hour spent with George in my arms.
A (well meaning, I'm sure) lady standing beside us, watching me shift his weight.
"How old is your son?" she asks.
At my answer (five), she addresses him in a fake, super-saccharine voice, "you're such a big boy, much too big for your mommy to carry."
Um, thanks but no thanks.
"He's fine", I answer, and walk away.

There are things you can't see, things you don't know.
No, he wasn't tired. When in an open area, he quickly scampered down and ran free.
But the zoo is a crowded place.
Full of nooks and crannies and people.
Look here! See that! What is it? What sound does it make?
Demands on his processing skills, assaults on his sensory perception.
Quite simply, after a couple of hours, he was full.
Overloaded even.
He found it difficult to focus on and enjoy the remaining animals, though they were some he had wanted to see.
A quick glance, a response of "yeah", and then his head returned to burrow in my neck, hands tucked between us.

So yes, I carried my five year old big boy for an hour.
And I loved every minute.

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Even at almost 1,000 pounds, little boys need help from their mommas.


kristi said...

That is right!! Glad you got to enjoy the zoo!

Beth said...

Heck, after a day at the zoo, *I* am ready for some quiet.

It's hard to see what's on the inside. And this is a good reminder that we shouldn't judge from what we see.

Glad you enjoyed. And just think of the work out you got!!

Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Amazing how some people feel it's their place to comment like that. I think you handled it perfectly.

Dave said...

I can't imagine taking it upon myself to make a comment to a parent (speaking through the child) like that. Glad you had a good day, though.

loonyhiker said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the zoo despite what that lady said. I would have asked, "Why is this important to you?" or "Who are you to determine what is best for my family?" When I read this to Don, he got angry for George's sake! He had more to say but I can't write it here! LOL