Saturday, April 18, 2009

TV's not so bad

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As long as you're busy making robots while you're watching Robots.

George has always echoed and acted out scenes from the videos he watches. But I've noticed lately that he wants physical props. So, we pull out the Lego airplane when he's watching his airplane documentaries; play with the wind up submarine in the bathtub after watching boat documentaries; and this morning, we made several robots out of Tinkertoys while watching Robots. So much creativity going on around here lately, I love it!

Note to grandparents wondering what to get George for his birthday: We need more Tinkertoys!


Tanya @ Teenautism said...

Looks like a fun afternoon! Nigel likes "props" when he watches movies too.

lonestar said...

That's great! Bitty does the same thing, when he's reading his Thomas books or playing his Thomas games (b/c everything seems to revolve around Thomas), he likes to have his trains, the sames ones from the story, there with him to set up just like in the story. Just look out if we don't have one that he's looking for (yikes).