Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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First horseback riding lessons.
Real cowboy (and cowgirl) boots.
Instructors and volunteers who know how to work with special needs kids.
Instructors and volunteers who understand that siblings are pretty special, too.
Saying, "Whoa".
Kicking with boot heels and making clicking noises.
Learning to trust a horse.
"Steering" it around obstacles.
Trying something new.
Looking forward to the next lesson!


Beth said...

Oh, I can NOT even show this page to Katie. I mentioned signing her up for lessons this summer but that Liam was too old to take this particular class with her.


Didn't want to do it without him.

Then I said, never mind, the class is while we will be at the shore.

45 minute tantrum!

Now, she desperately wants to take horse back riding lessons!

Those pictures look super! Just so much fun! I look forward to more pictures . . . just not when Kate is around!

Becky said...

Oh what fun for all of you!

Karen Bowers said...

wow, that is really neat, meg. what a great opportunity!