Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peace Reigns

I had all kinds of plans of things to do today, both to keep George busy while Emma was at school, and simply a mix of errands. However, due to one child's onset of strep throat:


and the other child's lack of desire to get dressed:


We are, instead, happily playing with a Christmas gift that had been forgotten behind a myriad of other art supplies in the deep, dark recesses of the art shelf.


And, after viewing the video Madagascar 2.73 times in one day, the TV has been replaced by a Norah Jones Pandora Radio Station. The windows are letting in a warm breeze. The dog is resting beneath the table, no doubt under the mistaken belief that the specks of blue and purple falling from above are tasty treats. And I'm not breaking up any fights, nor plugging my ears against the sound of the TV, nor doing much of anything really.

There's something to be said for sickness induced tranquility....


Karen Bowers said...

poor girl to miss the last day of school. jeremy missed the first day of kinder because he came down with strep the night before.

does look like a lovely day. we were at our city library for the summer reading program kick off picnic and magic show tonight. now my kids are overtired, but if scott would ever stop brushing his teeth, his dad could read to him.

loonyhiker said...

This looks like so much fun! I don't think they had play doh when I was a little kid. In fact, they didn't have a lot of neat things when I was little. We used to have fun making cities out of refrigerator boxes.