Sunday, June 28, 2009

Through Their Eyes

The kids have found, and claimed, two of our old digital cameras. They spend hours (and a crazy number of batteries) roaming the house taking pictures. I'm finding many of their photos surprisingly good, they are beginning to understand the need to be still while shooting, and seeing the details they choose to photograph is a fun glimpse into their lives.

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A selection of photos by George & Emma

Emma tends to wander further in her pursuit of subjects: the yard, the basement, each of our bedrooms. George stays mainly in our main living areas, but is more adventurous with his angles and use of the timer. I was surprised to see more blurry pictures from Emma, she is so anxious to capture the next thing, that she forgets to wait for the shutter. But her pictures are getting better, and I've been watching her wait for just the right shot as she watches the dog playing, cars driving by, etc. George is fascinated by snapping shots of the TV, viewing the still frames of his favorite videos, and close ups of his toys and clothes.

I love seeing their creativity evolve and their understanding of technique grow. Thank goodness for technology, I don't think we would be able to afford this much film!


Anonymous said...

I am learning to give my camera to my almost four year old (he knows to make sure the strap is over his neck!) I think I see the shot of the back of your head while on the computer? I see a lot of myself like this ... lol. Just thought it was cute!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Wow! They did such a wonderful job!