Sunday, July 19, 2009

Across the distance

This deployment is so very different from the last one Jason and I experienced.

Then: I had a two year old and was pregnant.
Now: I have an eight year old and an (almost) six year old.

Then: We were living on a military base, surrounded by hundreds of other people with similar stories, but no family.
Now: We are living minutes from several family members, but no military.

Then: Jason had to be driven to a separate base to call home over a scratchy connection on the day I had the baby's ultrasound.
Now: We can chat via a video call from his barracks room pretty much any day our schedules match up.

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This deployment is so much harder in so many ways, but this one thing makes it SO much easier.



Deployments are tough. I can truly relate. Hang in there!
You want to hear something funny? I was printing my blog pages-- in that process-- (I'm almost to the very begining) -- I can across a post comment from you! It made me laugh--So I'd thought I'd come over----Here's what you said
" Thanks for your visit! I love this type of view into someone else's moment in time. Does that make me a momentary voyeur??? Made me laugh and nod my head, anyway!""

LOL... I just loved reading the past -- this blogging is the coolest thing ever invented!! nov 07

Ashley said...

I have not gone through a deployment yet but i do live on base.So here is my question Do you think it is easier to live close to family rather than on base?