Monday, July 20, 2009

Wholesome and enriching!

I would love to rhapsodize about our adventures outdoors. Wherein we take vigorous nature hikes, gathering roots and unusual fauna to later research and sketch. Our conversations of spirituality and cosmic space. Our snacks of berries we pick ourselves, paired with local cheeses and fresh spring water. Our days spent painting en plein air.

Those blobs of blue on his paper are actually the North Pole. He's a genius, I think.

But really? I had just pried Emma off the computer, George away from fabulous and repetitive spinning in circles; given them both a (chocolate covered) granola bar; and shoved them into the 90 degree heat with paint brushes and instructions to "have fun". No way am I going to let them paint indoors where I would have to actually clean up spills, are you crazy?

Mother of the Year again, I just know it!

Ever since our family reunion at the beginning of the month, George has been glued to me. And I do mean glued. If I move across the room to pick up a toy, answer the phone, breathe? He's with me. So very with me that he's usually touching me or holding the edge of my shirt.

It gets to be a bit much.

So I give them distractions like paint and push them outside. Then sit within two feet of my son, so he'll actually stay outside.

He won't be like this when it's time to go off to college, right?


Beth said...

Hang in there! Sometimes we all need a little extra love from our mommy! Mine is visiting right now and it's SO nice! I think I'll attach myself to her shirt sleeve as she'll be leaving in just a few days!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I hope when college comes around, mine will be able to withstand not having me DO EVERY SINGLE THING for them. LOL. Of course, their father STILL can't ...
Hang in there, I know one day, I (and you) will miss it. Maybe. ;)