Saturday, September 23, 2006

...and by "later", I meant "tomorrow"

I know you were just dying for me to come back and spill my secrets. But Jason came home from work early and offered to watch kids so I could take a nap. Um, gee, let me think about that.....OKAY! Then, of course, I paid the price by being completely groggy the rest of the day. But an hour and a half nap in the middle of the day??? Tops my list of guilty pleasures! I have a list a mile long of things I should have been doing, and my kitchen was a disaster area, but MAN it felt good!

Another guilty pleasure would have to be bad TV. Like America's Next Top Model bad. I have no idea when it airs but occasionally I'll stumble upon it and I just...can...not...look away!!! Part of the appeal is the standard reality show stupidity. And then there's the bonus of learning anatomy, since you can easily count each bone in each girls' body. Oh, and I love how they have episodes where they make the girls act or interview someone, in order to show that models really do have brains and can talk and walk at the same time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was hard to type, I was laughing so hard!

So that's me, naps and bad TV.

I asked Jason what he considers his guilty pleasure. We agreed that it's Red Baron Pizza (frozen pizza in a box, for those of you lucky enough not to know). Bad pizza not a guilty pleasure you say? Well, it brings him pleasure and he doesn't inflict it on the rest of us (I usually make something else for everyone else), so no, that's not why we consider it a "guilty" pleasure. Let me share with you a story. Three years ago, after several long months, my wonderful husband was returning from Iraq. Knowing he'd been eating military food and sand for far too long, I offered to make him any homemade meal he wanted when he got home. Have you guessed the end of this little story? Yup, Red Baron Pizza and Budweiser. I can't say I was totally surprised, but a little offended that he chose it over my cooking. (And, yes, I AM a good cook!) The fact that I was seven months pregnant might have heightened my emotions. A little.


Tink said...

ho ho ho. Know the feeling exactly. I'm a pretty good cook, but Pan prefers Tyson hot wings. I gave up and fix them for him.

glynis said...

My family loves Red Baron pizzas (dh most of all) and it doesn't bother me 'cause I don't have to cook!!