Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nap Time?

George seems to be on a day on, day off schedule with his naps. Some days, he'll lie down willingly and sleep for as long as I'll let him. Other days, I go in to get him and find this:

Let me list the various items in his crib for you.

Acceptable Items:
pillow, two blankies, pacifier, comforter, one monkey, one frog, one hanging toy, one little boy sitting on the edge of his bed

Contraband Items:
Little Tykes workbench
burp rag (acceptable as I've been using it to wipe his runny nose)
package of diapers
Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals (behind him)
one dump truck
one fire truck
Alligator xylophone (under the dump truck)
hammer from workbench
two Wiggles slippers
cover from changing pad
toy phone (under monkey, behind fire truck)
one blue plate

Somehow I don't think he slept any. Guess who's going to bed early tonight?

Edit to add: Like I mentioned, he has a runny nose. He's not flashing a gang signal here.


loonyhiker said...

Being a high school teacher, the gang signal comment had me rolling on the floor! Love the picture and the contraband!

Tink said...

He and Indy definitely don't need to get together at this age. Although I have to admit, the stuff Indy puts in bed is a tad smaller. You know the kind that you don't notice until you get and bed and lay on them?

carinc said...

ROFL!!! Hilarious!!!... mine isn't at this stage yet but is beginning to bring all his little trucks to bed (ouch!)

Anonymous said...


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