Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ballet Photos

Yesterday was Emma's first ever stage performance. She was very nervous last week before the dress rehearsal, but once she got on stage, under the lights, in front of an adoring audience... she wanted MORE!! I was recruited to help backstage, which was exhausting, but so much fun to see the excitement on all the little faces. Plus, it was fun for me to be "behind the scenes" again after so long. I haven't been on or behind stage in 12 years, YIKES, that's longer than I thought!

The show went really well, and the girls all did wonderfully. Emma's already talking about wanting to get back on stage. And she certainly loved getting flowers afterwards. They were a surprise and she was thrilled!

I'm busy color correcting the photos, but I chose a few of my favorites to do first and share here. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just too precious! She is growing up so fast ! Hugs and love to all,
Sue and Butch !!

Stephani said...

How fun! I love the one of you and her together. They are all truly fabulous though. What great memories.

Pam said...

Gorgeous photos Meg! What a little star, she looks beautiful!

Karen (Karooch) said...

Fabulous photos Meg. I especially love that first one. It's a classic.
Emma is a real cutie.

Karen Bowers said...

geez, those couldn't be any more charming! great photos, and boy she sure looks big and capable!