Wednesday, June 13, 2007

George's Wish List

I know this will come as a complete surprise to all of you, but George's birthday this summer will have a Thomas theme. I know! SHOCKER!!

I normally hate wish lists, I would rather people give what they want, but in this case I felt it would be easier to put together a few things for family members, since we do already have a few Thomas items. Plus, I've had more than one request for a list this year. So, here's a dozen or so things that I found on Amazon that he doesn't have. Add to that list any Thomas books, he only has a couple and even duplicates would be fine as we could keep them in the car.

George's Wish List

We buy the metal Take Along series, not the wooden trains. For obvious reasons, I think! They can be found at Target, ToysRUs, and Barnes & Noble, among others. Thank you in advance to all our family! Thomas trains are helping him be more verbal and interact socially with other kids. For those reasons, we're happy to encourage this obsession!


carinc said...

Funny I am in the throws of planning a 3 yr old Thomas party for next month myself and am also doing the wish list for all the same reasons. When they are hooked they are hooked!

karen said...

Isn't every boy supposed to go through the wanting to be a train drive stage?