Sunday, June 10, 2007

Inspiration Overload

I love my husband. I love his job. Yesterday he brought me this:

This, combined with the information that he can acquire paint for us at an extreme discount means I can get paint happy again! Those of you that saw our last house know that I am not afraid of color. But painting here was put low on the priority list simply because the money was needed for other repairs. But for, ummmm, *cough* $5/gallon *cough*, very little money, we can go for it!

Jason keeps laughing at me because I'm carrying this book around with me like a baby blanket. But I love it! I'm thinking a buttery yellow for the living room, dark grayish blue for the dining room (to match the trim on the curtains), with all the molding touched up in fresh white. But what about the kitchen???? There isn't much wall space showing in there, might just go for the same yellow as the living room.

Ahhh, life changing decisions going on around here, I tell ya!

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