Sunday, July 15, 2007

Farm day

We've been having some trouble lately with Emma throwing tantrums late at night (long after bedtime) and just in general having a difficult attitude. So we've taken some privileges away. And it's my job, as stay-at-home-mommy, to keep her gainfully occupied. Lucky me! I figure she must be getting bored with summer, I certainly remember getting to that point during school vacations, when the novelty has worn off and the lack of schedule means there's nothing specific to look forward to. (Sorry Dave, I know that sentence structure was horrific!) So, I'm trying to think of fun, active things to do on the weekends, when there is no school for George and we don't go to the pool because it's packed.

Today we went to the farm. Many of George's newest words focus on animals, their noises, and farming (thanks to a reemerging interest in Baby Einstein videos and books). We have a farm here, just outside of town, that has WONDERFUL produce, plus the family-friendly incentives of many hungry goats and a super playground. We had a great time, George did really well with all the transitions between activities (usually leaving a playground is incredibly difficult, but he was totally intrigued by all the other things to see), and we brought home some yummy cherries and raspberries.

Unfortunately, the trip home will now be known as the "Blueberry Meltdown", as Emma did an amazingly accurate rendition of the poor child in The Exorcist over my failure to purchase blueberries. Even Georgie looked at her like she was insane. Isn't he supposed to be my difficult child? Not sure what's going on with her lately, but we'll continue to try new adventures in the hopes of wearing them out, if nothing else!


scrapgeek said...

Just when you think you have things nailed - along comes another curve ball. I think that "blueberry meltdown" would make a great page though!

Elizabeth McCoy said...

oh're such a great mommy!!! I can see the blue berry meltdown being a family favorite...a great story to bring out down the road. :)