Monday, July 23, 2007

Holy cow, I'm tired!

Whew! Yesterday was tons of fun, but I'm wiped! Here's a few photos to show the fun: The Blur

The Cake

The Candles

The Animal-like Eating of the Cake

Hooray for CAKE!!!

(In case you couldn't tell, the cake was a hit. It was also breakfast this morning!)


Stephani said...

What great photos. Such a fun day! I love your captions under your photos they make me smile! I hope you can get some rest soon! Ok! Now I am hungry for cake! lol!

scrapgeek said...

My boy eats cake the same way! Happy birthday to him :)

Karen (Karooch) said...

T\hHe cake looks great Meg. And it brings back childhood memories of cake and trifle for breakfast for me too.

loonyhiker said...

Love the photos! George has really come a long way! Glad you are happy with his teachers. Love your story about the stickers!