Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh boy...

George had cupcakes today at school. Remember that whole Gluten Free diet we are trying, and it's wonderful results? Cupcakes aren't gluten free. George had to take a shower after his nap time.....while I ran a load of laundry.....and scrubbed the carpet in his room and multiple puzzle pieces, toys, and furniture. yuck. And we're going into a weekend with not one, but two birthdays; and not two, but three birthday celebrations that include cake or cupcakes. Oh boy.

On a more positive, and less icky, note: We're still here! The vultures were gone by morning. We figure they either finished their meal or followed it elsewhere. Can't say I'm sorry to see them go. Did you know that turkey vultures have a 6 foot wingspan? Yikes!

It's been a good week. Despite the rain, we've gone swimming everyday. Emma LOVES her current class and it's amazing to see her propel herself through the water with such confidence. No meltdowns since the Blueberry escapade, and she's stayed in her room quietly after bedtime every day this week. As my friend, Sharon, pointed out, and my mom has often said, just when you think you've got kids and their needs figured out, they come up with something new. Now that we seem to have Emma in a good place, I fear for the next upheaval!

George and I generally just play while Emma's in swim class. He's fallen in love with the slide at our local pool. Here's a pic from their site:
I don't know if you can really appreciate it's hight, twists, and speed from the picture. But it's really fun! The only negative is waiting in line on the staircase leading up to the top. BRRRR! We usually brave it about 6 or 7 times before we head back to the regular pool or off to get changed into dry clothes!
Stinky boy is fussing, so I have to go now. I suppose I ought to wrap a few of the many Thomas products currently hiding in my closet. I'll be back with pictures sometime this weekend!
Oh, and Jason got the first of his presents last weekend. He finally saw in concert a band that he's loved since.....well, forever. They've been around since the 70's, I believe. As have we. Social Distortion isn't one of the bands we enjoy together. But I had to laugh as he dug out some of their CD's over the past week. I have many a compilation tape, stuck somewhere among the boxes of our history, containing Social D songs that a young Jason felt conveyed emotions he needed to share with me! Remember compilation TAPES???? Ah, glory days.


Anonymous said...

oh, poor george! when my oldest was George's age he was on a restrictive diet and it was extra work for me when there were special parties to attend. I checked with the host of said party to find out what they would be serving and then made Mike his own festive goodies to take. He never once questioned it because he knew how awful he would feel if he ate something he shouldn't. Just a suggestion but it really worked for us! Best of luck,
Sue & Butch

scrapgeek said...

Yuk!!! I know the feeling Meg - my boy is allergic to egg - also an ingredient used a lot in cakes! I am dreading kids parties when he finally gets an invite.

I usually just make sure I bring food for him when we go out (like I did at the cafe we went to today)so that I can relax a bit. Luckily, I have a good eggless chocolate cake recipe that has come in VERY handy. I would advise speaking to the party host and finding out about what food they are offering - maybe you could bring a gluten free cake for him if the rest of the party food is OK for him to eat. My boy is so used to getting "special" meals at daycare he gets quite miffed when he gets the same as everyone else!! Hey - and are you having a play date with Ali???