Friday, July 13, 2007

Update time!

First off, I'm going to apologize for not apologizing. What? I haven't blogged in a while. Because I've been lazy. Not busy, just lazy. Just about every day this summer, I have read a book. An entire book almost every day. Granted, I read really quickly, but still, that's a lot of time sitting on the porch with a book, laying on the couch with a book, going to bed early to read a book.... And I do not apologize for it! Most of those books haven't been worth mentioning (I choose my books at the library based on their cover art work, that's all the time I'm allotted by my oh-so-patient children), but it has felt so good to just relax that I really haven't cared. So, I'm not on the computer much and therefore the three of you that check in here from time to time have probably deserted me completely! Oh well, before I go choose my next trashy novel, here are updates on and cute pics of the kids!

George went back to school last Tuesday for a month-long summer session. I was worried that he would resist, but nope! I brought his backpack out of hiding on Monday and he promptly put it on and started dragging me to the door, saying "school" and "teachers". Then when he discovered that we'll still go swimming every day, after we pick him up, well, life just doesn't get any better.

He is completely loving anything that has to do with water these days. Thus, his new best friend, Gracie:

I'm not sure how these pictures look to you. My monitor died on me last week and I'm using the old CRT monitor from Emma's computer. Which apparently has a dying bulb because it's on full brightness and contrast and still everything looks grey and washed out. Just waiting on a check from one of my magazine publications and off to Circuit City I'll go!

I'm not the only one doing a lot of reading this summer. Miss Emma has fallen in love with it! YAY!!! She now reads to ME every night at bedtime. And this is one of my favorite sites these days:Green Eggs & Ham was her first book that she really read by herself. Now we go to the Early Readers section of the library and she goes crazy! She also loves to write stories and letters. (Some of them are cranky, angst-filled notes that start, "Mom and Dad, I'm upset today...." Love those.) So, if you need a pen-pal, let me know! I'm thinking of setting up an email account for her, and of course "real" mail is even better.

So, there we are. Swimming, reading, and lazing about. Hope your summer is equally relaxing!


Dave said...

Your daughter and mine ... there are probably 100 little Word files on the kids' computer with Kelly's story fragments.

Thanks for the update. Summer in Oregon -- that resonates deeply. I'm glad you all get to enjoy it.

Ali said...

Meg - love the detailed update about what you have been up to. It can be hard to chat in the pool when the kids are going this way and that :). Love that you are getting to read a ton - I have been sneaking that in too :). I especially love that George just grabbed his backpack and went with the flow - so great!

Elizabeth McCoy said...

Too sweet! wish i had a little one to be a pen pal for her but i'm sure she'll get one and what fun it will be!!

Congrats on the reading!!!

glynis said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Danae is reading her first 'chapter' book and it is the most wonderful thing to see her enjoying things that I enjoy so much. Have a great summer!