Friday, December 14, 2007

Shower Time

I took these photos tonight and just had to use them right away.

Shower time is play time for you, silly boy. (Except for those awful hair-washings!) I love listening to you sing and act out stories, enjoying the great bathroom acoustics. And the shower door is your favorite canvas. It was there I learned you could draw a face (on a snowman, no less)! You stay in there long after the water is off, just to play! And then there is the dancing you sometimes do. . . .

(Oh, and you crack yourself up, too!)


Karen Bowers said...

wonderful capture of his and your life together, meg! i love that look he's giving you. what a goof!

Anonymous said...

What IS it about a shower? LOL thanks for sharing it - now I will have to do one!

Monica said...

What a beautiful page!

I look forward to the day when my girls will take a shower. They are DEATHLY afraid of it right now.