Friday, December 21, 2007

Busy elves

Remember the super-secret project from October? Well, it took a bit of a hiatus through much of November and December. All of a sudden, oh-my-goodness-it's-less-than-a-week-'till-Christmas hit this house and all crafty projects are in full swing again. Here's another peek:

And yes, I did just notice that my darling, sweet, only six years old, precious first born is not wearing safety goggles while wielding a nail gun. Her daddy and I will be chatting about that fact before tonight's stint in the work room begins. (Though we may be on to the painting phase, it's hard for me to tell, the project keeps getting more and more elaborate). More photos after Christmas. Though I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any of the recipient actually using it......

I've had to make a last minute change to one of my crafty gifts. Think it's a bad idea to try a completely new technique and product three days before Christmas? Yeah, probably is, but I'm trying it anyway. I found this when I came into the kitchen this morning:

I'd like to think the kitchen is feeling my stress and wanted to brighten my day.

So, while Jason and Emma are busy at the workbench, I'm busy at the computer and in the kitchen. And George is busy dumping every toy box in the house into the middle of the living room. Joy.

And the pets find this time of year intriguing. A tree inside the house, toys scattered everywhere, and assorted wrapping materials hanging about. What could go wrong?


Tink said...

Well if you have an artificial tree your cat could emulate KFKAP and pull the branches out and hide them.

scrapgeek said...

She looks very proficient with that nail gun! And kitty looks very interested in that ribbon :)
Looks like a busy Christmas - have a good one Meg if I don't "speak" to you before then :)