Monday, October 01, 2007

Moving on

Life just keeps going, thank goodness. We had a blustery fall weekend, full of projects, rain, wars between siblings, book reading, movie watching, painting (of the finger variety), some boredom, and hot coffee on cold mornings. All in all, you can't ask for more than that!

Tell me this isn't adorable: She and Daddy are working on a super-secret project together. There is much gluing, sawing, sanding, and air compressor blowing involved. Their design keeps getting more elaborate as they go. Trust me when I say this is going to be the fanciest ........ ever!!! (I'll post the results after Christmas, you'll be amazed!)

And this little guy is completely obsessed with tractors:

We're thinking of parking ours in the basement this winter, instead of the shed. Simply as a play structure for cold, wet days. His favorite phrase these days? "Tractors! Everywhere!" The place we can no longer shop when he's with us? Home Depot. Tractors. Everywhere. Many tantrums upon leaving the land of tractors. Oh well.


Stephani said...

Meg it is so great to here that things are better and moving on. I have been so worried about you guys. I was glad to see you posted. That sounds like a terrific week to me. I love fall and rain. Cuddling up with a great book and a cup of hot chocolate or tea and reading. Sounds GRREAT to meeee. lol! I can't wait to hear what they are building. Sounds exciting!!

Tink said...

Both photos are priceless and looks like you have Emma all wrapped up in a project and her mind of other things. George is adorable on that tractor. You may have to break down and buy him one of the battery operated ones. Indy has a truck and the Princess has a jeep and they love them. Just so you know, it is still in the high 80's low 90's around here. Could use some of that cold weather you have.