Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday happenings

I'm finishing up work on my Card Making Class today, taking photos and making a creative mess. How much do I love the fact that I totally took over Jason's workbench last week, all in the name of good lighting for a photo shoot?
Now tell me, in what other paper arts class are you exposed to power tools like saws and air compressors? Luckily the fire extinguisher is always close by!
George's book seems to be working, he had a great day yesterday. His favorite page is the one that starts, "No crashing..." Silly boy. This morning started off a bit rocky, but hopefully his teachers will help him get back on track.

Emma seems to think she has two loose teeth now. I can't verify that, but she's convinced that she's going to lose all of her baby teeth at once and grow up Right Now!! She's growing up fast enough for me as it is.

Okay, must get back to card folding, embellishment gluing, and photo taking! Next thing on the To Do list is to finish making Emma's horse costume. Yup. Horse costume. I'll post pictures this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

oh, I want to take your card class!!! I so wish I had the time . . . it looks like so much fun and almost like creative therapy!!