Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Why is it when I have a holiday party to go to, my hair can't decide if it wants to be straight or curly, so instead, it does a funky helmet-head-wave thing? But if it's a day like, oh let's say today, when I'm wearing sweats and don't plan on being seen by anyone other than postal workers, my hair is just the right amount of curly and looks "awesome" (as Emma put it)?

(What punctuation would have been the right choice in those sentences? I think I have a few too many commas there.)

And speaking of Emma. She has a new boyfriend. His name is Bryson, he's really nice, and they're going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, like, forever. She's six. I have no words for this one.

Jason received a paycheck from the National Guard yesterday. I know I haven't shared our Nat'l Guard drama stories with the world here, but trust me, a paycheck? Is amazing and surprising based on our experience with the Guard thus far. I never thought I would find the Army more efficient with paperwork in any instance.

I'm going to Vegas in a couple of months to work at a trade show for Digital Scrapbook Place. We'll be sharing a booth with Adobe and Wacom. Think they'll be impressed with my mad skills on our IBM Thinkpad, circa 2004? Oh well, I'm going to Vegas, baby! That's good enough for me! (Note to self: Stop dream-surfing Dell.com and HP.com and get back to work!)

Christmas is exactly one week from today. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Lol, oh, Meg, sometimes I think we are related to each other. Oh, how I wish I could go to Vegas! Well, actually I would just love to attend one of those period! Have fun - and get all the scoops you can from Adobe!

scrapgeek said...

My hair always looks like c@#p so I share you pain. And at least your daughter isn't married (my son now has a wife - not that I am supposed to know that of course LOL)