Thursday, July 10, 2008

Later in the day

Due to the fact that George did, indeed, let me back into the house with a minimum of cajoling, I have removed the Ebay listing. HOWEVER, I reserve the right to put it back up at any time!
While George is at school in the mornings these days, Emma has been taking swimming lessons. She's the type of child that wants badly to succeed and, if she thinks she won't, she'd rather not try. Last summer she didn't enjoy lessons and was in with a too big a group for their abilities. More time was spent sitting on the side of the pool than actually in the water. So she didn't do so well. I left it up to her whether we'd try again this year. She nervously voted yes and off we went Monday for the first lesson.

She has a GREAT teacher, a small class, and only four days into it, she's already doing so much better than before. (And really, she's a fish, loves the water, just needed to learn actual techniques to get her to the next step.) Best of all are the smiles I see all the way through the class and the excited chatter I hear afterward.
Maybe having a little too much fun?
Her class, the little red-head next to her is her new buddy. He has a ever-present wide grin and reminds me so much of my nephew. They giggle through the entire class while his mom and I chat. They'll be going to VBS together later in the summer, a happy coincidence!
Trying to coordinate kicking, using "big arms", and coming up for air every third stroke. Not easy, but she's still smiling!


Beth Nixon said...

oh good golly did you just describe my Katie . . . if she can't "win" she won't even try. She won't play "winning" games with us anymore because she "never wins" (hmm, can I use quotation marks anymore in this comment?)

I'm really struggling with how to teach her that the fun is trying, not winning.


Today, being a mommy is WAY hard.

Lori said...

Great pix of the swim lessons! We need to get ours into some swim lessons too! And YAY for George letting you back in the house. I'd have probably had to bust out a window to get back in if it had been my kid, LOL!

Pam said...

Great swimming photos Meg! I'm glad she is having so much fun with it too. Also happy to hear you are back in the house and the George Ebay listing wasn't necessary!!