Monday, July 07, 2008

Obligatory Fireworks Photos

Well, sparkler photos anyway! This was George's first 4th of July where we allowed him to handle sparklers and he had a great time. Nearly set his hair on fire at one point, but all was good. Poor guy was kind of confused though. We pulled a bunch of confetti poppers, did a lot of cheering, and afterward he asked for cake. Huh? Well, he thought we were celebrating a birthday (which, yes, we were, in a way), and a birthday to George means CAKE! Luckily, there was one cupcake left from my birthday the week before, so it was an easy way to get him inside and off to bed before the sun completely set and the loud celebrations began.

Most of the photos from that point on are pretty dark and blurry, but I got a couple that I liked:

We did some fun spinning, jumping, colorful, noisy fireworks, too, but my hands were too busy being held over Emma's ears to get any pictures. (By the way, fireworks are legal in Oregon, no laws were broken in the making of this blog post.)

After we were done, we all went upstairs to watch fireworks from our living room window that looks over the city. A spectacular evening for all of us.

We won't mention the tantrums due to a-severe-change-in-routine-and-lack-of-sleep we dealt with the next morning. Nope, not one word.


~*Tina*~ said...

love the pic of Jason, Meg. Super cool. Yay for a bday cupcake for saving the day for George! I had a hard time recognizing him in that 1st pic. Why do kids grow like the grass in summer? Must be the vitamin D.

loonyhiker said...

These were fantastic pictures!

Check this out for a special treat: