Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yay for holidays!

Daddy gets to come home early this week! We're all looking forward to seeing him tonight.

So far, it's a bit rough, but I think that the lack of schedule is most to blame. Yesterday saw all of us crying at some point (yes, including me) and a lot of screaming, pouting, whining, and fighting. (Really, just the crying and a bit of shouting from me, I promise!) But that's okay. I learned a lot from yesterday. And this morning, I signed Emma up for swimming lessons that start next week. And made sure everything was in order for George's summer school that starts up next week. And planned lots of activities to get us through today.

Busy. We will stay busy.

Other than scheduling, the other difficulties we're encountering are George's reactions to stress and change, and our eating habits. George reverts back to his old habits of physical violence when he's stressed. Lots of hitting and pulling Emma's hair. No fun, but we're working on it. And the kids' eating habits haven't changed all that much, but I'm finding myself eating a lot of cereal or cheese & crackers. It's so not worth it to cook a full meal for only me. Going to have to plan on making double batches of everything when Jason's home, so that I'll have leftovers available during the week. I'm really looking forward to the full spaghetti dinner with salad I have planned for tonight. Yum!

Sorry there aren't any pretty pictures to share today. My camera has been dead since last week, just got new batteries today. Plus, my hands have been pretty full keeping kids separated!


Liz McCoy said...

Hugs!!! I sure hope the new routines take quickly :)

loonyhiker said...

I remember holidays (including summer)usually reeked havoc with my bipolar daughters. I always wanted to cry when summer came. Once you get in a routine, things will calm down and get better. I'll be thinking of you! Hope you have fun "daddy time!"

scrapgeek said...

Love your layouts Meg. Hope things settle down a bit for you. Cooking for one is hard - I tend to eat very badly left to my own devices. Good luck - and enjoy your time together :)

~*Tina*~ said...

awww ((((hugs))), Meg!

It'll get easier. sqn